Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Amidst the Chaos

I always forget the degree to which life goes insane just as spring takes off.  There is baseball and the start of end-of-the-year school events.  Add in final projects and assignments to be complete and the school year seems to come to a roaring close.

A mama like me needs a moment of zen in the midst of the hurry and these were mine last weekend.  I added some ribbon to craft paper eggs and dumped them all in a polka dot bucket.  

I added some pretty packages.

Cheerful is always happy.

Monday, April 21, 2014

Play Ball

Just as the major league players got started on pre-season preparation, JT’s own baseball season has arrived.  He’s working on hitting and catching and we’ve made some visits to the batting cages.  His baseball bag is filled with all his equipment and is being hauled to school every day.

Last year’s baseball season began in the cold Spring and I had hopes that our beloved Miss Amy would be well enough to attend a game or two, renewing our tradition.  As the season unfolded, it became painfully clear that Miss Amy wouldn’t see a game.  Years of game time chats and cheering on our favorite ball player came to a very sad end last April.

I think of Amy as the season unfolds.  She would have really loved watching our boy take a swing, steal a base, and guard the plate.  As each game begins, I think of her spirit and laughter.  I hear her voice in my head and I cheer a little louder in her honor.

Friday, April 18, 2014

Flower Friday

It’s an all-daffodil display around my house.  In this week’s chilly rain, they were a lovely treat to see each day.

Tulips aren’t far behind.  I have several sets planted, including these in the flower pots near my front steps.
That’s happy!

Thursday, April 17, 2014


Spring is a waiting season and it comes on slow at first.  A few crocus flowers emerge and when they begin to bloom, daffodils and tulips begin to poke through the soil.  The trees and forsythia look expectant but remain seemingly unchanged in the quiet woods.  At just a glance, it seems as if Spring may never arrive.  

There is a wooded drive near my house and when the weather turns mild, I make every excuse to drive it, on the lookout for any sign that the trees will begin to green up.  I am impatient for progress and yearn for the leaves and flowers to arrive.  It always seems to happen overnight.  Last weekend’s Friday night rain and mild Saturday and Sunday were just the ticket and this week the displays have really begun.

The woods have a haze of green and more will rapidly follow.  The splendid tulip trees, which bloom early, are on full display all over town.
The forsythia have turned bright yellow.
In some sunny areas, pink and white dogwoods have begun to bloom.  Mine lives in more shade and is just now getting ready to pop open.
As sure as the days are getting longer, more warmth will arrive.  It will bring tulips and lush grass; hostas and soil warm enough for dahlia bulbs.  Garden daydreams occupy my free time.  Spring, you are lovely.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Consolation Prize

A few weeks ago, I was at Ikea and the soundtrack was awesome ‘80s music of the alternative/college radio station type.  I was reminded of my college days in Los Angeles.  I strolled around, feeling young and hip.  In the lighting department was a couple, not particularly young by my observation, and they were also enjoying the music.  The woman said to the man, “The 80s had such great music,” and I silently nodded my agreement.  And then things took a turn when the man responded,  “It would have been great to be alive then.”

He wasn’t referring to being old enough to have appreciated ‘80s music in the actual 1980s.  No, he was noting that he wasn’t even alive in the ‘80s.  Internet, in that Ikea moment I faced reality: I’m old.

At least I have cool music as consolation.

Monday, April 14, 2014

4 Minutes

When my baby was first born 14 years ago, a friend told me, “the nights are long, but the years are short.”  At the time, with a newborn who had reversed his days and nights, the nights are long part of that statement seemed all too true.  As for short years, time quickly showed me the truth of that notion.

I’ve taken to sharing the idea when friends of mine have newborns and I think of it when my tall teenage boy lopes up the stairs two at a time.  Dutch filmmaker Frans Hoffmeester must have heard a similar adage.  His incredible work with film of his daughter Lotte is well worth a viewing.  It’s a reminder of just how fleeting time can be.

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Real Life Conversations with T: Fiber edition

The backstory: T and I scored breakfast at Mickey D’s on Saturday morning in advance of a trip to the car wash.

S:  My Egg McMuffin wrapper promises that this sandwich features 8 grams of whole wheat.  That seems unlikely.

T:  They are including the paper wrapper.

Nutrition, for the win.

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Real Life Conversations at School: Bankers edition

The backstory:  My 6th graders are studying Medieval Europe and are designing their own coat of arms.  As part of that process, we learned about the symbols, colors, and themes of medieval heraldry.  This entailed exposure to some new words.

Student K:  What does fidelity mean?

Me:  It means that someone is honest, faithful, and trustworthy.

Student T:  Oh, that’s why banks use it in their names.

Student M:  Banks?  They aren’t trustworthy at all.  They shouldn’t use that word to describe themselves.

This declaration was accepted as fact by the class.  Banks, take note: the 6th grade knows what you have done and they don’t approve.

Friday, April 11, 2014

Flower Friday: April 11

The week has been a lovely combination of rain and sunny days, some edging toward 70 degrees.   The flower bulbs have taken note and if I had the time to pause and watch, I would practically be able to see them growing taller.  Prospects are best in the flowerbeds that receive the most sun.  That’s the case here, in my front yard.
And along the hostas in the backyard, where these cheerful daffodils greeted me this week.
Prospects for more flowers are good and a few more days of warmth and sunlight will bring about a burst of green everywhere.  That’s happy!

Monday, April 07, 2014

Real Life Conversations with T: Gaydar Adjustment edition

The backstory: T and I are watching Flea Market Finds and there are two women looking to sell a chair.  We have an unkind inside joke about certain lesbian couples who look so much like one another that they qualify as dyke-alikes.

T:  Are they a couple?  They don’t look alike.

S:  Of course they are a couple.  They are wearing matching plaid shirts.

Claims were made about glasses and picture quality, but either way, I win.