Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Household Happiness: Renovated Bulletin Board

Last month, I wrote about a bunch of cleaning projects completed while JT was away.  One of the cleaning projects was a bit more than cleaning, it was to re-claim the bulletin board that hangs in the tiny hallway that connects the living room and the kitchen.

The bulletin board had been a thorn in my side for the last 4 years.  Located directly across from the basement door, the tiny hallway where it hangs is well-traveled.  So countless times each week I would walk by it and think, "I should really do something about this.".  It wasn't just the chaotic mess on the board (though that should be enough), it was the color.  The board was rimmed in a lovely rich red and it looked terrific in my last house.

Of course, I haven't lived in that house for four years (ahem!) and it's never fit in with the kitchen in my current home.

While JT was away, I set out to fix things up.  First, the collection of must-haves pinned to the board was slimmed.   Then I set off for the local fabric store, to find some fabric that matches the hallway to cover the board.  Three yards of calico fabric later (a pattern happily called linsey-woolsey), the bulletin board now matches the kitchen.

Now, instead of shaking my head at the mess on the wall, I smile every time I walk by.  Which makes it a daily source of household happiness.

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