Saturday, September 19, 2009

Real LIfe Conversations with JT: Mix-Up edition

The backstory: Every once in a while, especially when he expresses a preference vastly different from my own, I shake my head and gravely announce to JT, "I brought the wrong baby home from the hospital."

Yesterday, as JT and I entered my classroom to grab up my school bag at the end of the day, another teacher's class (I call it the all-boy freshman lineup) was leaving the room.  One kid looked at JT and then looked at me and said, with a hint of incredulity, "He looks just like you."

Before I could say anything, JT nodded sagely and then announced, "It seems you didn't bring home the wrong baby."

Apparently not.

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Nichole said...

At my house I use the, "You must get that from your dad." You could try the, "You must get that from your sperm donor," which I have actually heard my friend who has a dead-beat baby daddy use with her daughter. So classy.