Tuesday, September 01, 2009

September 1st: Hostas

The hostas by the garage suffer when the sun gets too hot.  Hostas prefer some shade and at high summer these don't get much.  Come August, they can look a little wilted.  This month they've also had to contend with some slugs and that has also contributed to their tired, weathered appearance.
Last week I placed some sand around the edges of the bed (that should help to curb the hungry slugs....they don't like sand).  And then Mother Nature eased their pain with several days of cooler temperatures followed by even cooler rains.

That combination has proven refreshing for my hostas, who look forward to some cooler days in the month ahead.  As a bonus, they've got a new dahlia to brighten the end of summer.  I like the old-fashioned look of dahlias but don't always have success with them.  This one looks to be a real keeper.

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