Wednesday, September 30, 2009


During the school year, I take note of clever things my students say.  The standard here is imprecise...but if I laugh out loud, I write the remark down.  This month didn't offer a great volume of funny remarks, though to be fair the first notable comment, by student H, set the bar incredibly high.  It may very well be my absolute favorite of all time:

"I like my law-making slow and incomplete."

A few days later, student B offered a comment in response to the news that Rachel Clinton (an accused Salem witch) was charged with making beer disappear from kegs.  Said B, "I don't think that was witchcraft."

On the basis of these two remarks, I'd say that we're off to a fine start.

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Jason said...

I like my coffee like I like my lawmaking...

Wait - it's one of the few things that doesn't work with that joke, isn't it? That's disappointing.