Sunday, September 13, 2009

Soccer Boy

A few years back, JT played a season of soccer.  It was of the small-kid variety and the children followed the ball around the field like a little pack.  It was no-goalie soccer and zillions of goals were scored, though no final score was tallied.

Though he loved running up and down the field, he didn't love the fact that he didn't know the score.  He's a child of my family and wants to WIN, thank you very much.

Soccer with 9 and 10 year olds does keep score.  And I am pleased to report that the first game delivered a victorious outcome, as JT's team won the match 5 - 3.  The boys played in a light rain but they didn't seem to care about that.  JT was a tenacious defender and though he didn't play goalie, he was very happy to deliver the long kick from the back field.

I was given dispensation to cheer, which I did.  Loudly.  I love to watch him play; to catch the flash of his smile on the field when things go well.  That's a good thing as I expect I have hours and hours of game-time in my future.

A note on Blogger issues: Though I have solved the font and typeface issues, Blogger and I continue to struggle over photo placement.  The good news: I can upload them.  The bad is that once they appear in the post I have little control over placement.  This makes me all sort of cranky and it affects the appearance of my posts.......I'm working on it, I promise.  And in this case, working on it means more than swearing a blue streak.

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Jason said...

So at this point, it's a 1-0 lifetime winning streak? That's impressive.

On the issue of Blogger, you should get on the Wordpress bandwagon. It's pleasantly sunny over here, and you can put pictures wherever you want.