Monday, September 07, 2009

All Baseball, All the Time

One of the best parts of living with a 9 year old is that he has the attention span to pay attention to sports.  So we can watch a game together and he follows the ebb and flow of the play, instead of bouncing on the sofa next to me.  Last week, we watched a great deal of the Little League world series and JT's interest in baseball trading cards has been renewed. 

When he spends his allowance on a pack of cards, it provides a good deal of satisfaction.  He sorts the payers by position, by batting average, by league, and whatever other category he can identify.  He studies the cards, admiring the players and reviewing where they have played in their careers.

Then he calls his grandpa and they chat about All Things Baseball.  The Cardinals are ahead by more than a few games as we head into fall and that's a recipe for his grandfather's satisfaction, a topic of shared enjoyment between the generations.  It's nice to watch my boy digest the details of a game that's been the background of much of my life.

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