Monday, January 28, 2013

Real Life Conversations with JT: The Future is Bright edition

The backstory: We talk a lot about politics and history around this place and JT has taken a real interest in certain topics, especially those having to do with equality.  Recent stories about violence against women have really set him off.  Driving home while listening the news the other day, he had some thoughts.

JT:  I'm really pretty feminist, you know, Mama.

Me:  Yes, son, I think you are.

JT:  Why do you think that is?

Me:  Well, you do have two moms.

JT: And two mom's girlfriends.  I think it must be all the women in my life.

I've always said that if a boy with two moms can't make a woman happy, I don't know who can.  Fellas, take note: my feminist son know how to charm the ladies.

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