Saturday, July 30, 2011


A few weeks back, the state of New Jersey contacted me to request that I join them for Jury Duty.  I'm a responsible citizen, so I didn't mind serving but......

1.  I'm a single mama who doesn't work in the summer and serving in the summer meant I needed to find a place to park my boy.  From 8 to 5.  That's rather a tall order.


2.  Just last year, I served.  If by served you mean showed up, didn't make a jury, and was then sent home.

Our state requires juror service only once every three years,  So, I went ahead and asked if I had to serve again.  Turns out that I do not have to do so.  While I appreciate that, I still think that the state could have found a more polite way of suggesting that I stay at home.
I will confess that though I do love the Garden State, I do have to wonder just what it says about me that I'm not qualified to serve here.  I mean, how high is the bar?

Ouch, New Jersey, that hurts.

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Shark Butt said...

Then there would be the irony of the qualifications of those who disqualified you.