Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Lessons From Camp

A few years ago, my fellow-camper and friend S over at But Wait wrote a post-camp rundown that she called Lessons from Camp.  It was a fitting tribute to a very happy time under the pine trees.  Those days always hold us in good stead for the year ahead and I like to keep track of the memories.  This year, I've decided to use her format to sum up our very relaxing ten days at Cape Cod. 

Save one of the year's celebrations (JT made the Honor Roll in the spring semester) for your boy's favorite Cape Cod kitchen: PJ's.
Take time to admire the tiny creatures in the sea.
No matter how big the boys get, the Land Shark remains a tough foe.
Challenge yourself.
Enjoy the ocean.
Beware of trees.
Planning ahead is always a good idea.
Have fun with your friends.
Take some time to admire Mother Nature's creativity.
Not to bad for 10 days work.  Not bad at all.

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