Wednesday, December 21, 2011

GOP Crazy Town

Over at Nate Silver's blog is a handy chart of up-to-date polling data on the upcoming GOP contests.  You can find it here.  Spoiler alert: the Iowa caucus and early Republican primaries are still a cluster of crazy.......though there are some faint signs that Republican voters are beginning to realize that candidate Newt Gingrich is off-the-charts nuts.

I must note that I'm slightly relieved: the mere whisper of the words President Gingrich scares the hell out of me.  Which is not to say that I find the notion of a President Romney comforting........just that my "worst case scenario" plans are slightly different were he to be elected (e.g., more time to get to Canada).

I still maintain that President Obama will do just fine against either of these chuckleheads, especially if the House Republicans keep handing him such obvious opportunities to point out that they can't won't govern.  Still, I expect an anxious 2012.

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Nichole said...

I'm loving this election season so far. It's like a kick-ass soap opera. Too bad our country's future is the storyline, though. :-)