Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Front Porch for Fall

Nearly every house I lived in while I was growing up had an entrance from the garage into the house.  That was the door we most often used to enter the house.  Our houses had front doors, of course, but we rarely used them.  And none of my California homes had an old-fashioned front porch.   Front porches of that variety were the material of books that I read.  To me, they seemed exotic and a bit imaginary. 

When I moved into Sassafras House, one of its greatest charms was the front porch.  That it would be my daily entry into the house was particularly appealing. This year, I have been at work to ensure that my front porch feels like another room in the house.  I want it to be charming and welcoming while maintaining its practicality.  I like it to be seasonal without being overwhelming.  So while some features change each month, the tables, the rocker, and the planters remain the same.  Over the years, I've scoured sale-racks and antique stores for inexpensive tablecloths and I have a pretty good collection for the seasons.  This one is nice for the fall.
October's pumpkins and mums have become November's pumpkins and mums.
My squirrel flag is perfect for the season.
That's happy!

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