Saturday, December 24, 2016

Christmas Eve Planning and Preparation

This morning finds me closing in on the last of my Christmas chores.  I don’t feel like chore is the right word, because I enjoy the planning and preparation that happens today.  My dining room table, currently filled with supplies for lesson planning (thinking of you, 6th grade!), cards, stray treats, and wrapping supplies, will be cleared off and made ready for the feast and celebration to come.

The living room will be cleared of baskets of folded laundry and the rug vacuumed in advance of Santa's arrival.

There is plenty of advance cooking yet to be completed —— pumpkin pie to be baked; potatoes to be wrapped in foil and roasted for our Christmas supper potato casserole; tonight’s appetizers to be finished and ready to set out when the boy returns home and the twilight arrives.  The last of the packages will be wrapped and the bin of holiday wrapping paper will be carried back down to the basement.

I enjoy this day of busy planning and look forward to the evening.  My boy may be big and 16 but I still play Santa, for myself as much as for him.  When our stockings are filled and set out later tonight, I will remember previous Christmas Eve surprises and plans;  the memories will bring me a lovely happy glow.  I will count my blessings and feel very merry indeed.

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