Friday, May 01, 2020

Front Yard Flowerbed in May

Cleaning out this flowerbed was an April chore that has really paid off.  Seen from overhead on the front porch, things are looking lovely.

As the hostas fill in, I will make plans for more hostas (because there is always room for more hostas) and then some mulch to keep the unwanted weeds at bay.

The elephant-ear hostas are always the last to make their appearance but they too are well on their way.

As much as I love the ivy,  it will need to be kept trimmed lest it take over the house.  

In the meantime, things are looking lovely and I am taking particular joy in the blooming azalea.

This time of year is the sweet spot for the flowerbed and this year is no exception.  Even on a rainy day, the flowerbed is lovely to behold.

Hello, May.  It’s nice to see you.  

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