Friday, June 08, 2012

Pretty Sweet

I'm a long time mommy blog reader and on my list of regular check-ins is Sweetney.  She's written quite a bit about divorce and her thoughts, and the conversations among readers that ensued, helped me to think about my post-break-up life in some valuable ways.  Over the years, as it's gotten easier for me, I've never lost sight of the pain and challenges brought on by my family's explosion.  Reading and thinking about how others have handled it has helped me to find my way through the hurt.

This spring, Sweetney invited guest bloggers to weigh in with their own stories.  The series is called "Through the Fire" and this week my story was part of the conversation.  You can find my post for Sweetney here; the whole series is available here.

The challenge to write about my break-up experience ended up being a really good thing for me.  It offered me the chance to think about an event that once consumed my world and defined my sense of my self.  These days, it's a part of my history but not the defining moment of my life.  I'm glad of how far I've come and realize that it wouldn't have been possible without good friends, a supportive family, and this blog. 

Thanks, y'all.

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Nichole said...

Ever heard the song "Superwoman" by Alicia Keyes? You are a superwoman!!