Monday, June 11, 2012

Real Life Conversations with JT: Boy Logic edition

The backstory: School finished on Friday, followed by graduation on Sunday and meetings today and tomorrow.  The last month of school usually succeeds in kicking my backside and this year was no exception.  The month's busy nature, our unusual end-of-the-year schedule, and the leprosy-like poison ivy creeping across my body didn't help.  By this morning, I was just glad that I made it to the meeting on time.  As we walked into school, I took a look at JT's feet and realized he was wearing two different socks.

Mama:  Those socks don't match.

JT:  They're both white.

Mama:  Yes, but one has a Nike swish and the other has an Addidas stripe.

JT:  I know.  When I can't find a matched set, I just grab two of my favorite socks.  So that's what I am wearing.

Mama:  I see.  Carry on, son.

Internet, please note the quality parenting I provide.

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Nichole said...

This is all the proof conservatives need that lesbians shouldn't raise sons. Oh, the horror! Two different socks! (dripping sarcasm)