Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Real Life Conversations with T: Corn Dog edition

The backstory:  On Saturday evening, we had a reprise of last fall's corn dog feast.  This time, I got to try my hand at dipping little hot dogs in the batter before we tossed them in the fryer.  It's not as easy as it looks, by the way, which led to the following conversation.

Me:   I don't know about this one, it has a little too much batter on the end (and then I tossed it in the hot oil anyway, because that's how I am).

T (shaking her head): Well, you'll have to eat your failures.  That's how you learn.

Failure has never tasted so good.

1 comment:

Nichole said...

I am so using that philosophy from now on: eat your failures. In fact, I'm gonna go epic fail the hell out of some cookies right now.