Friday, December 14, 2012

Real Life Conversations with JT: Political Context edition

The backstory:  It's Friday morning and NPR has yet another story on the so-called fiscal cliff.  This one features Speaker of the House John Boehner announcing that talks are going nowhere; he's headed home to Ohio for the weekend.  But, Boehner says, President Obama can fly to Ohio or give Boehner a call if he wants to talk.  I am annoyed.

Me: Look, Boehner, the president won re-election last month.  He isn't going to fly to Ohio to talk to you.  You aren't in the driver's seat here, pal.  You're a fucking idiot.

JT:  Whoa, there, Mama.  All love, no hate.

Me:  I wasn't hating on Boehner.

JT:  You called him a "fucking idiot."  That's not love.

He may have a point.

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