Friday, August 01, 2014

August 1st: Front Yard Flowerbed

Though my teenage self would surely recoil in horror at the announcement, I love the early morning.  I feel a bit like I have the world to myself as I wait for the coffee pot to finish brewing and admire the eastern sky viewed from my kitchen window.  This summer, I’ve taken that first cup of coffee outside with a book.  I sit in the rocker and read and sip while the birds keep me company.   With my second cup of coffee, I step off my porch to check on my dahlias.  With the arrival of August, a profusion of flowers is tantalizingly close at hand.

I call this strip of flowers dahlia alley; the western sun and protection of the house seems to be a good fit for the plants.  

From the front of the house, the dark yellow rudbeckia peeks over the shrubs, offering a bit of color before the dahlias come to full bloom.  

There are at least a few more months of warm weather to soak up before seasonal change is upon us.  The dahlias and I are determined to enjoy every bit the summer has to offer.

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