Saturday, August 02, 2014

First Harvest

I was away for the first two weeks of the summer and by all accounts things were quite hot and dry during that time.  Since I returned, the summer has been rather splendid, with patches of the usual warmth but also many temperate days and nights cool enough to sleep with open windows.  Despite the fact that it’s August, typically the point in the summer when things begin to look parched, my lawn is still green and lush and requires mowing once a week.  In the midst of all this green, my garden has begun to yield its harvest.

The first pickings of the summer are usually tantalizingly small, as was this collection of 3 flowers, 1 tomato, and a bunch of basil.  Small or not, it’s lovely that the garden payout season is upon me.  More bouquets and produce are just around the corner.  That’s happy!

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