Thursday, July 09, 2015

Farmer McSassafras

Peter Rabbit spent rather a lot of energy looking to avoid the wrath of Farmer McGregor, while seeking to cadge the occasional produce from the farmer’s garden.  There are rabbits in my backyard and garden and they seem to know that they have nothing to fear.  They nibble my hostas.

They feed on the clover in my grass.

They probably score the occasional produce from my garden.  Perhaps they take comfort in the fact that we’ve named them……you see in these pictures the Mama Bunny and her baby twins, Francesca and Fleur.  The fourth bunny in the grass is a newcomer to the yard and nameless but this bunny is just as welcome as the others.  There’s no Farmer McGregor at this house, just the sort of softies who delight in sightings of the backyard bunnies.

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