Friday, July 24, 2015

On Backyards and Little Boys

For several years now, the lawn in my backyard has had a rather large bald spot.   It is the outcome of JT’s daily games outside.  When he was younger, the bald spot would sometimes annoy me in my quest for a perfect lawn.   In the past few years, the size of the spot has shrunk, at first a pleasing development.  But I realize that the fading bald spot is directly correlated to the growing up of my boy.  Suddenly, I’ve developed a fondness for the scruffy part of the lawn.

Backyard gallivanting won’t last forever.  Each time that JT heads out the backdoor to explore the yard, I wonder if it will be his last backyard adventure.  I’d just as soon he hold on to the abandon and wonder of childhood.  If that means running through the backyard, checking out the bunny warren, and wearing out the bald spot just a little more,  then so be it.

One day, a day far sooner than I will welcome, the boy who runs through this backyard will pack his bags and walk out the front door, headed off to college.  That day, what’s left of the bald spot will be a reminder of years that flew by more quickly then I ever could have imagined.   So you’ll pardon my fondness for the imperfect backyard lawn.  It’s evidence of a boyhood of adventure that is passing by far too quickly for my tastes.

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