Monday, July 06, 2015

Weekly Garden Update: July 6

While I was taking a holiday from school last week, I finished out the mulch project for the rest of the garden.  

Along the fence, I’ve planted some perennials (hostas and gladioli bulbs, though I fear the squirrels have feasted on the bulbs).  

Weeded and tidy, it carries with it the hope that I can keep the ivy and Virginia creeper at bay.  Under normal conditions, I like both of these vines but in the absence of restraint, they will overwhelm the garden and the newish fence.  I planted a rose bush behind the chairs.  I love roses and cannot resist rose bush clearance prices at the garden store.  The rest of the plants are coming along nicely.  The week ahead looks to bring heat.  I’ll provide water.  Soon enough we’ll have tomatoes for our supper. 

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