Monday, September 07, 2015

Garden Update: September 7

The dry heat is taking its toll on the garden and though I am still picking a few tomatoes each week, it’s clear that we are nearing the end of the growing period.

I’m undecided about when I will call it a season.  Meteorological fall has begun but we’ve a few weeks until the official start of autumn.  The weather has been hot and dry.  I’ll keep watering at least through the calendar’s mark of fall.  After all, there are still some dahlias and tomatoes to enjoy.

In the meantime, the leaves have begun to turn, though temperatures remain unseasonably warm.  That’s the effect of a dry and hot month of August.  The trees can’t continue to sustain green growth in the midst of such hot, rainless days.

Though I’m not yet ready to say goodbye to summer, there is something pleasing about the garden at the end of the season.  School starts tomorrow and it’s time for our daily routine to resume. Transitions aren’t always easy for me but I know that a walk through my fading garden will provide grace when I need it in the days ahead.

That’s happy!

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