Friday, September 18, 2015

Season 2

JT had his first race of the cross country season on Wednesday afternoon.  We were enjoying a break from the humidity so though it was still rather warm, the weather was nice for a run, especially if you were the Mama cheer squad resting in the shade.  For an Upper School of 350 students, we’ve a fairly large cross country team.

JT likes running and he especially enjoys the strength and endurance that training for the sport provides.  He’s a good teammate and a terrific end-of-the-race sprinter, though he’s come to realize that he isn’t built like a runner and likely never will be.  Our school’s teams thrive on the combination of best athletes and good teammates and it’s a blessing that isn’t lost on my boy.  His favorite running mates are kids like him, in it for the training and the hope to best their personal times.

The JT I cheer on this season is bigger and stronger than he was last year.  In just a month of practice, he’s improved his race time by just under 4 minutes.  He’s proud of himself and just as excited by the teammates who have done even better than that.  That’s a testament to the coaches who make these team experiences so meaningful and a life lesson that will take him well past the 10th grade.

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