Wednesday, September 09, 2015

Human Alarm Clock

Over the years, I’ve developed an uncanny ability to mark the passage of time.  Within a few minutes, I generally know the time.  Right now you’re thinking, “Look, I also learned to tell time,” but it’s not the same as reading a clock.  I know the time without a clock or watch at hand.

It’s not a particularly useful skill, but it is interesting.  And come morning, my internal clock knows what time to awaken.  Once school begins, I get up at 5:35 so that I can enjoy a more leisurely start to the day and get a bit of work completed in the morning.  Usually, it takes me a week or two to reset my internal clock.  But here it is day 2 of school and this morning I came awake just a few minutes before the clock went off.  I’m going to treat this is a positive sign for the school year.  It’s my super power.  

Or, you know, I’m weird.

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