Friday, June 30, 2017

Floored, part 1

We have lived in Sassafras House for 12 years.  The house has wood floors both upstairs and down. The upstairs floors are the original 1930s pine, stained in a warm golden color, with a polyurethane finish.  They were in good shape when I moved in and remain in good shape today.  The downstairs floors are oak, likely replacement floors, and sealed with a wax finish.  They are also lovely but wax is a less durable seal and over the years, the floors have been worn in places.  And so the month of June has been devoted to re-finishing the downstairs floors, an easy task to contemplate in February when the plan was first made, but a whole lot more insane as the deadline approached.  For most of the past month, we’ve lived in a house with boxes of our things tucked into the corners.

Step one was to hustle the cats off to a pet boarding facility.  Driving these cats anywhere is no easy task, but JT helped and the job was done.  I’d been packing first floor boxes for weeks, so the packing was nearly complete.  It’s rather a big job to sift through twelve years of accumulated things and it was a long overdue task.  Plenty of items were sent on to their next chapter in life,  but a whole lot got packed up and stored in a Pod storage bin that sat in our driveway, which was a clever and relatively easy solution to our storage needs.

That left us with an empty house and pretty clear evidence that these floors were overdue to be refinished.  

Dining Room

Living Room




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