Friday, August 04, 2017

Front Porch in August

When I lived in Nebraska, there was a house by a local bridge over the Missouri River with a row of plastic ducks in the front yard.  The ducks were always dressed in seasonal clothing.  From red, white and blue capes for the 4th of July to Halloween costumes, these ducks were on target each time I saw them.  I was regularly bemused by the duck project and sometimes think of that house as I plan the display that decorates my front porch for each month of the year.  I enjoy organizing the wreaths, flags, lights, and table items that I set out.   I think they make my porch a welcoming place.
Just as I imagine that the duck lady planned ahead, I keep my eye out for items that will look good on the porch.  Over the years, I’ve accumulated a nice collection of things to set out; I enjoy the variety.  From polka dot pots to plant stakes, the collection of porch ephemera makes me smile.  In the summer, there are plants and flowers outside, soaking up the sun. My shefflura plant has had a splendid growing season and now towers over the other plants on the table.  It will need a new pot before it comes inside for the the cold season.  

Each morning, I take my coffee and book out to the porch and enjoy them as I plot the course of my day. These hopeful begonias have been putting on a splendid display all Summer and I like the way they welcome the day.  Flowers can be over-the-top without seeming garish and I admire that trait.

The summertime popsicle flag will enjoy one more happy month.

My purple violets seem to be past their prime, but the New Guinea Impatien baskets that T gave me are still looking quite lovely.  I gave the trailing vinca a bit of a haircut to keep things in order and think I’ll have these baskets through September, a cheerful thought.

This striped wreath is my go-to for the summer months.  

I sit out on my cheerful porch a great deal in the Summer.  I listen to the birds chirp, I read and daydream, and I admire the blooms.  In warm weather, it’s my favorite room in the house, a visible reminder to stop and enjoy all the happy things in my world.

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