Sunday, April 21, 2019

Happy Easter!

This is my first Easter weekend without JT at home and I’ll miss his appreciation of his Easter basket (though I won’t miss the candy wrappers he’d leave lying about).  I sent him a box of candy earlier in the week; I'll have a small package for him when I see him next week.  T and I will have our Easter supper together.  It will be lovely; holidays together are always nice.  My day will also be filled with memories of the days when an eager little boy scampered around the yard in search of plastic eggs filled with candy.  We’ll surely think about the avid hunter, Pesky the squirrel.  This year’s flowers and blooms would have provided perfect cover for the hidden treats.  

Things are lovely; with more blooms and green with each day.

I hope that Spring in your corner of the world is just as pretty as it is here.  

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