Sunday, March 31, 2013

Easter Sunday

The evening before Easter and our annual backyard Easter egg candy hunt, JT made an effort to skip the hunt, by suggesting that the Easter Bunny should just leave the candy in his basket.  I put the kabosh on JT's work stoppage efforts because I'm a killjoy.  There is an established division of labor at Sassafras House and it is expected that children will hunt for the candy.  The basket itself is readily available, and contains pajamas and a chocolate bunny, in keeping with long-standing Easter tradition.

But the rest of the candy must be searched out and the searcher's goal is to find the eggs that are obviously "hidden".
As well as those that were more subtly located.
Note that none of the candy eggs were hidden in the poison ivy patch, because T and I are nice like that.  Pesky didn't actually help with the hunt this year, though his power was invoked.
It was hard labor, though the boy survived.  At least he didn't have to hunt for Easter supper, which could be easily found on the dining room table.
Our day started with sunlight and though there is now a rainstorm, I remain convinced that warmer days are headed our way.  That's happy!

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