Saturday, March 30, 2013

Birthday Weekend

T's birthday was Friday and we celebrated in style.  Style in this case meant pretty presents, steak for supper and a trip to the Harbor Freight tool store that she's been longing to visit.
On Saturday, we went to pick up her new car.  It's awfully shiny and, fittingly, the folks at Subaru were terrific.  Then we loaded in the boy and made an effort to demonstrate to him that we aren't fussy old folks.  We drove fast and rolled up to his baseball practice playing AC/DC at volumes unsuitable for our collective long-term hearing.
For dessert today, I made my first attempt at a lemon meringue pie, T's favorite.  No pictures of the pie because I'm going to need some practice before I succeed at that venture.

One of the the nicest things about having T in our world is being able to give her treats and celebrate holidays and birthdays with her.  She makes us laugh and loves us beyond measure even when we're difficult.   And we love her back.   That's happy, very, very happy.

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Nichole said...

Oh my gosh. My partner is also a huge fan of Harbor Freight. We need to get these two together for some tool talk.