Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Look Here, Winter

On Sunday, T and I were outside, she in a coat and winter clothing and me with pants and a sweatshirt but sans jacket and wearing flip flops.  It's my natural state.  When the wind blew, I announced that it was cold and T noted, "It's winter."

My response was classic Sassafras: "I have declared winter to be over."

This led to the rolling of eyes and the general suggestion that willpower does not determine seasonal change.  T's obvious command of meteorological facts not withstanding, I really, really want winter to be over.  In pursuit of that, I generally conduct myself as if my will is a fair substitute for reality.  It is on this basis that I have  begun to pack away my wool sweaters and winter clothing, liberating spring-weight sweaters and t-shirts in their stead.  Sandals and flats are replacing tights and winter shoes.  

Naturally, Mother Nature is not amused.  And the forecast for the next 48 hours calls for snow, ice, frigid wind, and the low temps to sustain it all.  Happily, I haven't burned my mittens or winter coat.  Unhappily, I wish that I could.

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