Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Flying Her Freak Flag

My home has a small downstairs bathroom with just enough room for a toilet and a sink.  Each morning, I blow dry my hair in this small room.  It is not spacious, though it is easy enough to get the job done.  The room has a large south-facing window and the light is often quite lovely.
Lucy has taken to joining me in the mornings, though it is not quiet companionship that she brings to my grooming routine.  Instead, while I try to blow dry my hair at the sink, she rolls around on the toilet and meows in an unpleasant and whiny fashion.  It's like being hounded by a tiny feline monster.
If I pet her while I run the blow drier, she is happy.  If not, she joins me at the sink to ensure that her demands are loud and clear.  
Oh, Lucy.

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