Friday, March 15, 2013

An Invitation for Spring

My unkind thoughts toward Winter seems to have firmed up her will.  The glimmers of warmth we have enjoyed in the past few weeks have been mostly offset by Winter's continued intransigence.  It's cold and windy and generally wintery.  Perhaps Spring needs an invitation of her very own to come and join us.

She is welcome to step on the front porch and enter through the front door, with its cheerful wreath.
In the dining room, she'll find that the bunnies are celebrating her arrival.
Come evening, she can sleep in a bed with green ferns.
In short, I've done my best to make Sassafras House welcoming for Spring.  I am ready to welcome the new season, with its green blooms and gentler warm breezes.  Show Mama the daffodils.  Please.

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