Thursday, January 09, 2020

Our Posh Lifestyle

For Christmas, T and I received new wood window blinds for our bedroom.  These are both prettier to look at and much easier to use than the sad blinds that proceeded them.  So sad, apparently, that I made no picture of them.  All you get are the pretty new blinds. 

Window blind technology has made some real leaps in the years since I last acquired blinds and these go up and down easily, without the unpleasant yanking-on-a-string process that always found me losing my mind because the blinds were not even.  And how could I survive looking at such a window every day?  I could not and thus, the window blind battle was enjoined.

I never won.

From our perch on the Princess and the Pea bed we are quite pleased with the view and the tidy line of even window blinds.  They feel quite posh.

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