Monday, July 02, 2007

Selective Hearing

Why is it that my son can remember every curse word I uttered while we were in California (31.......because damnit, he wants to make sure that I pay up the curse bowl), any number of embarrassing events in my life (including, but not limited too, that time that my underwire bra blew out on a wild ride at California Disney), and whether or not he had a fudgesicle in June of 2005 but he CANNOT remember to leave his grimy hands off the glass door in the living room. Despite it's conveniently located handle, he chooses to slide the door open with his hands on the glass. And when I remind him for the one millionth time NOT to do that he looks at me with a wounded look and says, "Mama, I'm just a little boy and it's hard to remember."


Sharkb said...

As a youth, I found my memory jarred by the scent of windex which was sprayed onto a paper towel, and handed to me as I was dispatched to get those fingerprints off the glass and I mean now... The nuns were always so warm and fuzzy in their instructional mode.

Shelley said...

"Boy cleans glass" sounds like a plan to me!