Thursday, July 05, 2007

Time Zone Management

Whenever JT and I come home after a visit out west, we find that our sleep patterns are a mess. We are awake until midnight and sleep in until 10 am. It's like we're teenagers, staying up until all hours of the night. After few days, this is no longer amusing and I begin the tedious process of getting JT back into the normal sleep pattern of a 7 year old.

He is not a willing accomplice to this project. So I invited our friend D to spend the night. D is a notorious early-riser so though we got to bed rather late on Tuesday night (around 10:30 pm), I just knew that we'd all be up with the sun. This would lend itself to a reasonable Wednesday night bedtime and more of a normal sleep pattern. Victory for Mama!

But you know what they say about the best-laid plans. D slept until 8:30 am yesterday, though JT was up by 7:30. No worries, I thought to myself. We're basically back on track. He had a full day yesterday, riding his scooter up and down the street with the other boys. There were some scraped knees and as he stood in the shower last night he reported that his feet were tired. He was fast-asleep by 9:30. I figured that he'd be up around 8 am.

Ha! It's 9:45 as I write and JT is still sawing logs. Soon I will send the kittens upstairs to roust him out. And now I'll need a Plan B for sleep management.

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