Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Indian Summer

We are having a patch of glorious weather ----- warm sunny days in the 70s (and sometimes a little warmer) and nights in the 50s. I've taken a walk on campus nearly every day in the past week, to feel the sun warm my head and to see the trees and appreciate the end of summer and the coming of fall. At night, I open my bedroom window and tuck under my soft quilt, enjoying just a touch of the coming chill. I cut the grass today and realized that the end of the mowing season is soon to be upon me. I've spent some time thinking about the bulbs that I will plant in a few weeks and I've fallen asleep these cool evenings with visions of iris, daffodils, tulips, and lilies in my imagination.

But the biggest sign that a change is coming has come from my garden, where the last of the summer tomatoes have been picked. I've cut the final blooms of my striped zinnias. The pumpkin vine has yielded the first of the miniature pumpkins that JT and I planted last spring. I find something to love about every season, but I especially enjoy the all-too-brief period just before the seasonal change is fully upon us.

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