Friday, September 21, 2007

Real Life Conversations with JT

Since there is no longer anyone else in the house who loves me and therefore must put up with my crap, JT occasionally finds himself involved in conversations with the needy side of his mama. The bonus here is that he is absolutely honest (i.e. don't ask him if your bootie looks too big in that skirt; he's liable to say yes) so if he says you look good, you probably do. Of course, you're still dealing with a 7 year old and so "good" is relative here. A few days ago we had a conversation about my hair, which I felt was in need of a haircut.

Mama: What do you think? Should I cut my hair?

JT: Well you have more hair than me.

Mama: I know. How does it look? Should I cut it?

JT (sighing): Mama? I'll never understand girls.

Mama: Well, son, we have that in common.

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Sharkb said...

Your new haircut is lovely!