Monday, June 22, 2009

Extended Dancemix Playdate

JT's buddy D is the first playmate he met in New Jersey. There's about 18 months between them, so as they have patiently explained to me, they could be brothers. They are clearly good friends and yesterday D's mom delivered him unto us for a sleepover and playdate. We will return D this afternoon.

Between now and then, there will be a whole lot of playing. Yesterday, they put on their swimsuits and ran around the backyard.
All that running around can build up quite a hunger. So they scored a pizza and watched an episode of Wipeout.
(please pardon the fuzzy picture......I'm still learning how to use the camera....those of you still judging should try getting two boys to sit still and then get back to me)

And then they heard the ice cream truck in the neighborhood so they shot outdoors to score a treat. Apparently, that was a serious business.
And that was just last night. Who knows what today will bring?

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Nichole said...

Is JT really tall or is he just older than his buddy? My kids are kind of giants, so it's nice to see other giants, too. If that's the case. . .