Thursday, June 04, 2009


These boys first met when they were 3 years old. B's mom J and I decided that pre-K would be more fun if our boys already had a buddy. So we met at a park and when the boys saw some puddles from an earlier rainstorm, a permanent friendship was cemented in their mutual delight in playing in the mud. They have been fast friends ever since.

And it goes without saying that finding another mom who is okay with a muddy play date spells the start of sound adult friendship.

They are finishing the 3rd grade today. Earlier this week, B came home with us after school. When a rainstorm erupted, it seemed like a fine idea for B to borrow a swimsuit from JT so they could head outside to run in the storm, armed with sticks, loud voices, and their imaginations.
As they carried on and played outside, some cars drove by. Nearly everyone honked or otherwise acknowledged these crazy little boys with their wide grins, white bellies and tanned arms (I call it the Little League tan).
This year, as we've come to school with 9 year olds who grow bigger by the minute, J and I have bemoaned the fact that our little boys are growing up. Childhood seems to pass so fast. And yet, there is this: the laughter of an enduring friend who's been around as long as you can remember. One who's willing to run around in the warm rain, help you out of the trash bin (who thought that was a good idea?). And laugh and laugh and laugh.

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