Friday, June 12, 2009

Pressing Ethical (and Hygiene) Dilemma

I know that many of you read that title and cringed. Some of you read that title and thought: only one ethical and hygiene dilemma in that household? I can't imagine.......

For the record, I do not consider the fact that I often don't manage to shower until after 4 pm a hygiene dilemma. The fact that JT and I have been known to lie about in our pajamas until well after noon is neither an ethical or hygiene dilemma.

That my sister manages to wash her hair less than a dozen times a calendar year, on a schedule determined by the relationship between the planets and the moon is odd. It is certainly a chemistry dilemma how she manages to look good despite this unorthodox approach. But it is not an ethical or hygiene dilemma....though perhaps I digress too much?

I suspect that today's dilemma is one familiar to parents everywhere (though some have enough decency to avoid proclaiming it to the Internet). Today's dilemma: I accidentally used my son's toothbrush.

Though I know I should probably be creeped out, I'm not. Mainly, I'm not grossed out because I grew that kid in my own body and delivered him to the world in the way that nature intended. If we can live with that undignified reality, then I assume we can just suck up the whole toothbrush deal.

But it did make me wonder. What do other mamas do when this happens to them? And then there was this thought: does this happen to other people? Or have I just proclaimed to the world just how freakishly weird I am?



JAXTER said...

ummm, definitely not weird that you aren't grossed out - things happen, and as you said the young man did spring forth from you. On occasion I space out and use C's tooth brush. It is bound to happen when there is more than one toothbrush at the sink - at least for me.

Nichole said...

Using the same toilet as a pre teen boy is far more disgusting than using the same tooth brush. Or is that just at my house????