Thursday, February 13, 2014

Snowday #6

A nor’easter blew in over night and when I got up this morning, 5 inches of new snow had fallen.   It’s been coming down at an inch an hour since and we are practically buried in snow.    This is a photo made when I got out of bed just before 8 am.  Look for the leaf to the bottom left in the picture and the clear ruler in the middle of the snow piled on the table.
This picture was made just a few minutes ago, at 9:15 am.
The leaf to the left in the first picture is now completely buried.  Snow is falling at more than 1 inch per hour.  The National Weather Service forecasts more than a foot for us before this is done.  On my street, there is nowhere to put all this snow.
It’s beautiful and quiet outside and given the wind chill it’s incredibly cold.  For now, I intend to pour a mug of hot tea, grab a cat for my lap, and read a good book.  Winter is in charge.
11:30 am updated photos.......and the snow is still falling.

3 pm update....round 1 of the snow has stopped and JT and I set to work on clearing a path out of our snow cave.  The mountain of snow at the end of our driveway is impressive, as is the snow beast at work leveling it out.

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