Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Weary of Winter

Come January, I’ve a habit of noting the sunrise and sunset times on my calendar each week.  I do this so that every time I glance at the calendar I am reminded that the days are getting longer.  I know from habit that by the first of February there is usually some lingering twilight to enjoy as supper is set on the table.  The days grow longer from there at a heartening pace.

This Winter, which has featured both unusual cold and a tremendous amount of snow, I’ve started checking the average monthly temperatures for February and March.  Though we have been decidedly below average on that front, I keep taking heart that the average monthly high in February is 42 degrees

Today’s high will be below that, a consistent theme for this snowy month.  As the cold and snow have lingered, I’ve also got my eye on March, when the average temperature usually goes above 50, an idea that makes me practically giddy.

Winter has just under a month remaining, but I take heart that February is a short month.  Though Spring won’t officially begin until March 20, something about the first of March makes me feel warmer.  I’ve got my eye on the Spring jackets and sweaters in my closet and will confidently wash and store my Winter tights when the temperatures more surely achieve 50 degrees.  

As for today, it’s 18 degrees this morning with a  forecast high of 33.  I’ve still got tights, warm scarves, gloves, and heavy jackets on hand.  There are large patches and piles of snow on the ground; a bit more will likely fall today.  Patches of ice remain on the sidewalk and driveway.  But time is on my side and I’ve got my eye set on Spring.

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