Saturday, February 15, 2014

The February Front Porch

My first action when planning the front porch in February was to remove the snowman flag, which cheerfully invited Winter to bring on the snow.  By the time January was done freezing us out, I was no longer feeling prepared to welcome the snow.  So the flag was folded up for next Winter.  That turned out not to matter as we’ve had plenty more snow in February.  Most of these pictures were made at the very start of the month, in a lull when most of the snow had melted.  It didn't last and most of the month has looked like this. 
I have a heart wreath for Valentine’s Day, but opted for a less traditionally colored bow on the wreath. 
I used a fallen branch from the dogwood tree to make myself a Valentine tree for the table, which has a blue tablecloth scored from Plow and Hearth.  JT and T both think it looks a bit like a Charlie Brown tree.  I like it and prefer to think that it reflects the starkness of Winter.
The rest of the porch is rather plain.  The snow removal equipment is still needed, practically daily at this point, so it’s tucked in to the corner with the sleeping tulip bulbs in the white flower pots and the remnants of melting snow.

As for me, I am dreaming of Spring.

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