Thursday, April 17, 2014


Spring is a waiting season and it comes on slow at first.  A few crocus flowers emerge and when they begin to bloom, daffodils and tulips begin to poke through the soil.  The trees and forsythia look expectant but remain seemingly unchanged in the quiet woods.  At just a glance, it seems as if Spring may never arrive.  

There is a wooded drive near my house and when the weather turns mild, I make every excuse to drive it, on the lookout for any sign that the trees will begin to green up.  I am impatient for progress and yearn for the leaves and flowers to arrive.  It always seems to happen overnight.  Last weekend’s Friday night rain and mild Saturday and Sunday were just the ticket and this week the displays have really begun.

The woods have a haze of green and more will rapidly follow.  The splendid tulip trees, which bloom early, are on full display all over town.
The forsythia have turned bright yellow.
In some sunny areas, pink and white dogwoods have begun to bloom.  Mine lives in more shade and is just now getting ready to pop open.
As sure as the days are getting longer, more warmth will arrive.  It will bring tulips and lush grass; hostas and soil warm enough for dahlia bulbs.  Garden daydreams occupy my free time.  Spring, you are lovely.

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