Thursday, April 24, 2014

Real Life Texts with KO: Family Laundry edition

The backstory:  For most of my childhood, I lived rather in awe of my mother’s brother, my Uncle Dave.  Dave was loud and energetic and was the only person I knew who could boss my mom around. Uncle Dave was a force of nature and when he visited our house he would occasionally sit on the sofa and watch TV in his underwear, an impressive feat that none of the rest of us attempted.  JT has recently taken to removing his pants when he gets home.  Though Dave has been gone for a while, it seemed to me that JT was channeling his spirit.  I notified my sister.

Me:  JT has taken to sitting around the house in his underwear.  I blame Uncle Dave.

KO:  Fair enough, although I think you should consider blaming adolescence.

Me:  I am not convinced there is a difference.

For what it’s worth, if JT grew up to be like Uncle Dave, he’d be a kind, big-hearted, well-loved man.  One without pants, of course, but we all have our quirks.

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