Sunday, May 25, 2014

In Praise of Yardwork

Just a few weeks ago, I finally got to pull out my mower and cut the grass.  I love cutting the grass and I especially love the first mows of the season.  The newly grown grass smells magnificent in those first cuttings.  The days are warm, but not yet stifling with humidity.  The light in the early evening (my favorite time to mow in the spring) is downright magical.  And when the mowing is complete, I’ve a neat and tidy lawn to show for my efforts.

I always joke that the reason I love to cut the grass is because of the quiet involved.  It’s not quiet, of course, but it is time to myself.  I do a lot of good thinking behind the mower and that I get to do it outside is part of the charm.  Even when the summer heat is upon me, it’s a task I don’t regard as a chore at all.

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