Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Rested and Ready

As is always the case in May, I burn my candles at both ends.  Come the end of the month, I am ready for a break.  This year is no exception and when I got home last Friday night I was exhausted.  I tucked into bed early.  The next day, still tired, T and I set off to secure the rest of the plants needed to complete the garden.  Once secured, we brought them home and left them on the front porch for the next day's planting.

Planting day was Sunday.  We finished the yard work by cleaning the grill and enjoying the first cookout of the season.

We spent most of Monday relaxing.  The verdant view from my back deck is one of my most favorite sites.  It invariably relaxes me.  

This morning, I am drinking my coffee outside on this very deck.  The birds are chirping and cheerful, ready to face the day.  In a few minutes, my busy days will resume.  Thank heavens for a replenishing weekend and a restful garden to help me face it all.

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