Wednesday, May 21, 2014

May Front Porch

Spring’s official arrival in March resulted in unreasonable expectations for me.  Cold as the winter had been, I was ready for some warmth and color.  I knew enough to pause my enthusiasm and wait for April to buy some flowers for the front porch.  But even April wasn’t warm enough to risk flowers outdoors.  So all my April front porch dreams were placed on hold.  My Easter egg wreath provided some very necessary cheer.  But for flowers I waited.

The early Mother’s Day celebration was the reward for all my patience.  The front porch is looking cheerful and charming for the month of May, complete with a May Day banner.

The table has a floral oilcloth tablecloth with pots of plants and flowers on top.  The white pot has coral geraniums and a sneaky squirrel.  The polka dotted tin has a pink begonia.   The ivy plants are happy to cast aside the indoors and enjoy some fresh air and sunshine.

The shefflura plant is equally happy to be outdoors and has a new friend in the form of a pot of pink begonias.  Two baskets of purple New Guinea impatiens hang from the hooks on either side of the front steps.

The front door wreath has a green striped ribbon.

The porch is a cheerful greeting when we come home each day.  That’s happy!

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